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Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which we have accepted as BESMAK Industrial LTD, comes from great respect for human beings and the environment in which they live. Occupational Health and Safety is the main priority in every field where BESMAK Industrial works. To ensure a healthy and safe workplace, everyone is responsible for doing what is necessary within their jurisdiction. One of our most important goals is to protect all of our employees and the environment we live in against the potential risks of our business line.

In this direction;

  • Workplace and add-ons; To ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors and company personnel working outside the workplace, to take all measures in accordance with the applicable OHS legislation and other OHS-related requirements, and to ensure that they have the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment,
  • To identify the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees, visitors, subcontractors at all levels, and to reduce any future material and moral losses that may arise for them and their families.
  • Determining and eliminating unsafe situations and movements that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its attachments, possible accident risks by making an effective risk assessment,
  • To train our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and to ensure that they have good occupational health and safety awareness,
  • To ensure that all subcontractors and visitors serving in our workplace and in all working environments we serve our customers comply with the rules on occupational health and safety established by BESMAK Industrial,
  • Taking into account the development of the industrial world, anticipating the possible future situations from today, developing continuously and reviewing our situation,
  • BESMAK Industrial in terms of occupational health and safety practices, affiliated institutions, chambers of industry and associations to become a model company,
  • In line with this, we undertake to ensure the continuity of our OHS Management System, which has been established and executed, as our OHS policy.

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