Environmental Policy - BESMAK

Environmental Policy

BESMAK Industrial, ‘’ Machining, Machine Manufacturing, Maintenance and Repair, Steel Construction, Paint and all other manufacturing processes in the projects carried out in all domestic and abroad iyel ’production and service scope activities;

It is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance and making its implementation a corporate culture in order to ensure the balanced protection of the ecological and economic system.

In this context, with full support of Management;

  • To follow the national environmental legislation and fulfill the relevant obligations,
  • To protect the environment in the procurement and service stages in line with the principles of sustainable development and to ensure the effective use of natural resources,
  • To minimize pollutants arising from all company activities and likely to be released to the receiving environment,
  • To raise awareness and train all company employees, sub-industry customers and suppliers to reduce environmental pollution and protect the environment,
  • To fulfill the requirements of environmental management systems,

aims to be an exemplary organization with our targeted environmental performance.